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Opportunity for Stem Cell Biologist in Cell and Gene Therapy Research at Genewity B.V.


We are currently seeking an exceptional (Senior) Scientist to join our team and to be part of our ground-breaking research that has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of immune disorders. We build on the experience in Prof. Frank Staal’s group, which has recently demonstrated that hematopoietic stem cell-based gene therapy can be a curative treatment for a range of diseases, including RAG1-SCID (stage I/II clinical), RAG2-SCID, XLA, and DBA.

We are looking for experienced researchers with demonstrable experience in stem cell biology, developmental biology and/or stem cell differentiation. As a (Senior) Scientist in our international lab, you will have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art techniques and with world-leading scientists and clinicians.

This is a rare opportunity to make a significant contribution to the field of cell and gene therapy. Our research holds the promise of enhancing the quality of life and increasing the chances of survival for individuals dealing with immune disorders. Our emphasis is on translation and impact, making our work close to the patient.

There is currently an opening for a (Senior) Scientist. To be considered for this role, you will need:

  • At least a completed PhD in stem cell biology, developmental biology, stem cell differentiation or equivalent;

  • Deep understanding in the biological pathways that direct cell fate into specific lineages, especially endoderm-derived cells. That includes events responsible for the gut patterning and budding of various primordia (lung, thyroid, parathyroid’s, thymus);

  • Applied laboratory skills using iPSC /ESCs. For instance: tri-lineage differentiation and differentiation protocols towards various cell types;

  • Preference in computational skills, re-analysis of single cell data sets;

  • Affinity and/or experience with immunology or thymus biology;

  • Experience with iPSCs, LV transduction, qPCR, and/or flow cytometry is preferred;

  • A range of competencies including precision, teamwork, and the ability to work in an international environment;

  • To devote at least 50% of working hours to laboratory activities.

We offer the following:

  • A fulltime position (36 hours);

  • 8% holiday allowance;

  • 25 holiday days per year;

  • Flexible working hours;

  • Many opportunities to grow with the company;

  • We are able to offer exceptionally competitive salaries and benefits for exceptional candidates. We also welcome applications from more experienced candidates and will adjust salaries and benefits accordingly.

If you are passionate about gene therapy and want to be a part of this exciting opportunity, we encourage you to apply now and help shape the future of gene therapy. Please send a Curriculum Vitae and motivational letter to Our team is always happy to speak with candidates who are passionate about our research and we welcome any questions you may have about the role or the organizations. We are also open to meeting for a coffee meeting to discuss your interest and qualifications further.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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Genewity B.V. is a biotech company based in Leiden, the Netherlands, founded in 2022. Closely collaborating with the LUmc, we build on successes of our scientific and business teams in cell and gene therapies, including the first multi-centric clinical trial for gene therapy in the EU (the RAG1 SCID trial). Genewity has been founded to commercialize another potentially groundbreaking therapy for developing autologous thymus tissue de novo. Genewity is currently in a preclinical development stage and is engaged in raising a Series A to push the technology to the clinic.

Genewity® has an excellent track record and reputation as a Eurostars-3 laureate and recent awardee of the prestigious and highly selective EIC Accelerator grant. We collaborate in various international consortia with world-renowned partners in academics and industry.